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  • I am trying to make each list/section as self-contained as I can. So, please feel free to add duplicate links to different lists if necessary. Please DONOT add duplicate links. Use GitHub Search or mdBook Search or GitBook Search if necessary.

  • Only try to submit free and quality resources related to the topics included in the table of contents. Only submit high quality paid resources with a paid tag at the end of the list you are adding to.

  • Follow this convention: [resource](link) - a short concise description and try to put highly recommended resources first.

  • Please do not open a new PR for minor typos/spelling mistakes. If you want to add description to links, add at least 10.

  • Check spelling and grammar.

Quality of Resources submitted

  • Free means entirely free, not freemium, free trial or limited functionality resources. If some resource is freemium or offers a free trial only, mention it with a freemium tag at the end.

  • Your contribution may be denied if the resource does not satisfy necessary curation.

  • This repo loves open source and Linux. If your resource is closed-source and/or Windows/Mac specific, it may have to go through a stricter review.

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